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Here and Now Exhibition 

Exhibition by Adorn Axis at NYCJW

Body Exhibition 

Virtual exhibition by Round Lemon at Zest Hall

Art and Sustainability in dialogue

Virtual exhibition by Staiy in Artsteps

Collab Alma x Fashion

Adaptable design and biodegradable plastic

ALMA is a non-invasive wearable biosensor designed for the detection of vaginal infections.

Conexão Maker - Canal Futura

Biodegradable plastic accessories and VistoBio.

Núcleo de Joalheria


Part of the brazilian Nucleo of Contemporary Jewelry

Artist's Vaginas 

An experiment with the intimate microbiota

What happens when a group of women appropriates their own intimate microbiota to make art?


Artist's vaginas were an artistic experience resulting from the encounter of female artists and microbiology. By gaining access to basic microorganisms cultivation techniques the participants learned new ways of exploring their own bodies and its invisible aspects.

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