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Serra do Curral is a mountain area located in the heart of Minas Gerais’ cerrado. The biome still has a rich preserved fauna and flora. It is considered a region of great fluvial importance. Several springs and rivers that flow into the River of Velhas are born in this territory, being considered an essential aspect of the Belo Horizonte's balance, my hometown. One of the city's symbols, Serra do Curral contains endemic species found only in the cerrado of Minas Gerais. The collection was inspired by the orchid Cattleya crispata and the bird gralha-do-campo.


The Serra is an important wildlife corridor that is threatened by the mining activity in the region. With irregular projects that threaten not only the species of the Serra, but the entire systemic balance of the cities in the surroundings. I grew up watching, walking, and observing the Serra. And unfortunately, I was able to follow its destruction and the impacts on the ecosystem of the city over the years. Its preservation and recovery of already degraded areas is an essential part of maintenance of our existence. There is no city without Serra do Curral, without the rivers that are born there, without the plants that cure us of so many diseases, and the animals that guarantee the cycle of biodiversity. And there is no Belo Horizonte (“beautiful horizon”).

In this collection, I chose to work with fabrics that once were clothes and have fallen into disuse. Rescuing the potential of this raw material and the preciousness of the object it integrates when resignified. Home decor and wearable art, but also contemporary jewelry. The shape of pieces presented in the collection are abstractions of the nature of the Serra. Carring jewelry where our blood pulses and flows, our origin and greatest preciousness. Salve, salve Serra do Curral!

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